5 Reasons Why Online Dating is bad for your Health

Technology has grown over the years with the massive speed with it brings endless possibilities, and one such area is Online Dating which is quite popular among people. The element of surprise and user interface all captivated in the form of the personal profile which the dating apps convert in algorithms to find you perfect matches near you, somehow attracts more people on Online.


However, nothing good comes quick and easy, the more the advantages we experience from Online dating there seem to be less than the disadvantages which come with it.

The below are 5 Reasons why online dating is a bad idea for you

  1. Long distance relationships

Once you have found your perfect match and you are compatible in all ways. The features you needed are all come true, but the distance between you and the person is the only hurdle that can make it real.

Most of the time there are chances for that person is living in a location and fares to meet them may not come so cheap. And thus result in losing the one you love after so many special moments of combing online dating sites.

  1. Online Scammers

There are numerous online dating sites, and for every online dating site, there must be at least 25% of members who are fake and don’t have an identity; they provide false information and lure you to them.

Though this is not unlikely but still fake person see this platform as a chance to scam people,  who at some point in time are searching online for what could be found offline. There are more than 50% of chances of you meeting this person on online dating sites.

  1. Lack of Reply

When you have come across the person, you were searching for a long time and send the person many messages without getting acknowledge from them. You wouldn’t know if those messages have been seen by that person, or probably it’s seen, but they are not interested in you. On Dating apps like tinder, people keep awaiting that they will be get right swipe but that doesn’t happen easily. Although one can download tinder for pc, but still chances are low to get Swipe which often disappoint users.

The person you may have come across might have gone offline indefinitely as they have already met someone across the platform and have not a reason to visit the site again.

  1. High Costs

The premium dating sites are not free and sometimes during registration with your credit card certain amount of cash will be deducted from your account. So there are hidden costs all the way without you knowing, but still, you go ahead in the hope of searching a perfect partner later to find yourself disappointed.

Online Dating Is the Worst thing that could happen to you where you have to spend money with no guarantee of finding a suitable match during your stay online and still no ways of getting a refund.

  1. Impersonal

The big difference between meeting a person Online and finding them sit across you will never be the same. As you are only aware of the features they put up on their profile on these dating sites, you are obsessed with features and even lucky that you go to meet the person in real. There are times when you will find that they are not who they are the body language, the conversation you might find it incompatible.

So these are the 5 Reasons why online dating is a bad idea for you as it discourages you, so chill out and pick someone in real. There are high chances of you exploring more than online sites.

Best Programming Language’s to learn in 2017

We have listed the best programming languages that you need to learn in 2017. If you are new to the programming world, there are many ways to choose your first programming language.

Tips for learning a new language:

  1. Select the programming language by analyzing the needs -app development, web application and web design.
  2. Take a look at the latest trends
  3. You can also look for an easy and useful language to get started.

All this gives a Good idea about the future and predicts how much a programming language can grow in usage and importance.

Using GitHub’s data we have ranked the most popular programming languages that one needs to learn in 2017. The data is accompanied by the percentage growth witnessed by these languages in 2016.


  • Swift:

Swift is a general purpose, multi –paradigm programming language developed by Apple Inc. for its iOS and OSX application development? It is based the best of C and Objective-C programming language, allowing a developer to create an intuitive app.  In 2016, Swift has 262% of Growth that shows the developers are learning this skill in huge number and it’s been in tremendous demand.

  • JavaScript:

JavaScript is most common language that you must have come across while interacting with web applications or any other web contents. JavaScript is commonly known as the language of the web, and it’s currently at the top as it’s everywhere. This language is a High-level dynamic and interpreted programming language which is supported by new age web browsers. In 2016, JavaScript has 97% of Growth, as it allows the developers to explore and build web applications and add some interactive elements to the websites.

  • Go:

Go is an open source programming language created by Google employees in 2007.The main aim of Go is making simple, efficient, and reliable software. Many Go projects also use for APIs, minimal web application frameworks, web servers, etc. In 2016, Go has 93% of Growth that has emerged as the best programming language.

  • C#:

C# (C-sharp) is a simple, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language designed by Microsoft. This modern programming language has a wide range of Microsoft applications that is powered by.NET Framework. The programming in C# is very much similar to the programming in C and C++. So, if you have a basic knowledge of C and C++ then learning C# will be easier.  In 2016, C# has 88% of Growth.

  • Ruby:

Ruby is a general purpose and object-oriented programming language. It supports multiple programming paradigms that help to create a web application. Ruby programming language is not only easy to use, but it’s also known for its power. In 2016, Ruby has 66%of Growth, and Ruby on Rails (a framework) is in high demand these days. This ease to use and popularity would be a good choice to learn in 2017.

  • Java:

Java is most popular language among many developers as it’s the core element of any native Android application. Java is also known as a pure object-oriented based programming language for developing and creating mobile applications, Server-side applications, and video games. In 2016, Java has 63% of Growth, as Java keeps an enormous popularity among many users.

  • Python:

Python is a general purpose programming language and the most widely popular programming language. Many users tend to learn python due to its simple syntax. It is used for developing and powering application such as Instagram, video games also used for testing microchip inside Intel.  It’s commended as the first programming language. In 2016, Python has 54% of Growth that makes Python one of the best programming languages you can learn in 2017.

So, which of these popular programs languages that you are interested in learning? Please don’t forget to share your comments below.